Optimize Your Cleaning Routine


There is no way you could have great experience in this field, if you are not working in the industry, but there are many ways you could learn. The people who perform an end of tenancy cleaning for you, for instance, could give you some hacks. Online you could find many useful tips, as well. And your mom is your best advisor. Never forget that. 


Be consistent  

The truth is that even if you are not doing it exactly how it has to be done, your clean-up will be efficient and successful, if you are consistent. That is why you should never procrastinate and skip a cleaning only because you are lazy.


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The Top 3 Totally Amazing Full-House Cleanings in London

There are some tasks we do on a daily basis like washing the dishes, making the beds, sorting out and rearranging. These are home maintenance or cleaning tasks we don’t feel like duties and we don’t find annoying or unpleasant. In this same time, there other more time-consuming activities we perform once every week. We vacuum clean the house, get rid of the dust, change the bed sheets, polish and scrub the bathroom and we actually have some sort of success in doing all these.

However, all these are in the norm and they are something we are supposed to do and something we actually do without feeling tense somehow. Other group of tasks and duties combined in the creation of a full-house cleaning is what terrifies us. This thing is the monster of all cleanings. It is challenging and complex and it is all so time-consuming that if one decides to accomplish such clean-up, he may feel as if he has lost ages of his life. That is why we are more than happy about the magical London cleaning teams and the three full-house cleanings they offer every now and then. 

Without further a-do, I am sure that there is no person alive who enjoys cleaning the house after tenancy. That is why the news about someone performing this instead of you, instantly fills the heart with joy.  

The Spring Cleaning  

This is old and well established and unfortunately, it turned out to be not a simple trend so years after years, you are supposed to take care of the house in the beginning of spring. Or better, the experts are supposed.  

The Traditional Full-House Cleaning  

Your house is a total dirty mess, but you are too busy at work. Call them and they’ll make the house shine. 


Author SYK Cleaning: https://syk-cleaning.com/professional-cleaning-tips/top-3-totally-amazing-full-house-cleanings-london

Do we know how to clean our carpets?

This may sound like a simple question and many of you would probably answer ‘’Yes’’ to it. However, end of tenancy cleaning of a carpet involves a lot more than simple vacuuming. Vacuuming takes away only the surface dirt while all the dust buildup that is collected in the fibers will simply stay there no matter how often you vacuum. That is why, you should deep clean your carpet at least once every 3 months in order to keep it fresh and clean, which will prevent the formation of allergies.


Every stain on your carpet has to be dealt with immediately. Stains left to soak in the fibers will be a lot harder to treat and remove. Remember to never rub any stains in as they will settle even deeper in the fibers. Instead use kitchen roll or a dry, clean cloth to soak up the stain. After that apply cleaning solution, let it work and then rinse with clean water and again dry the place with kitchen roll or a cloth.

Use the appropriate solution

Carpets are made of various materials and that is why it is important to use the right solution for yours. Universal carpet solutions are never a good idea because they are not specifically made to be gentle on the most delicate carpets. For example, if you have a woolen carpet then you would need a solution that is wool safe. Check out the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning and follow them strictly. Always try the chosen product on a small area first so you can see if it is working properly without damaging the carpet.


In case you have a dirty carpet that hasn’t been cleaned for ages, you need to pre-treat it in order to prepare it for the cleaning solution. Most cleaning solutions would be great for light stains however, they would not work as good on heavily soiled carpets that have not been pre-treated. Most cleaning solutions will come with a special pre-treatment kit. In case you have to buy it separately, make sure you get the right solution and applicator wand. Leave the pre-treatment solution for several minutes and then continue cleaning the carpet.

Cleaning time

Once you have prepared the carpet for cleaning, you are required to start from the furthest place away from the door and work your way outwards. This will prevent you from walking over the already cleaned but damp area. Separate the carpet in sections and clean each section using parallel strokes and overlap slightly to prevent the appearance of streaks. Make sure you do not over soak your carpet as this will prevent it from drying quickly. For best result try and use a vacuum cleaner with a rinse mode. This will remove any leftover residue from the cleaning solution and will allow it to dry normally. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. If performed properly it will deliver amazing results allowing you to enjoy one clean and fresh carpet.

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How to Find the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company in London?

The Location

First of all, look for an agency that is operating in your region. The locals know the requirements for the inspection in the neighbourhood really well and will be able to clean your rented house in such a way, that it will undoubtedly pass the inspection.

The Satisfaction

Talk with many people and find the company, which everyone is talking about. If a cleaning team has a perfect reputation, it is surely for a reason. The professionalism is instantly recognized and that’s why your friends and colleagues can help you most.

How to prepare your home for the professional end of tenancy cleaning?

girl-293315_640These days our lifestyles are so much different from those of our parents – we are often too busy – waking up, drinking a cup of coffee half asleep, travelling to work for a half an hour at least and then spending the whole day, making a lot of efforts doing what we are supposed to do in our challenging jobs, going back home – tired and exhausted, we are dreaming of the cosy couch or the even cosier bed and the time we would spend with the ones we love. Time for cooking we lack and we order a take away and eat it quickly so that we can finally chill and relax. And at the weekends we are finally at ease, being able to sleep more, to live more and to be more joyful. And what has no place in our busy schedules is the cleaning.

We rarely find time to perform one and even when we are doing it we are so unsatisfied and unhappy, because what we simply want is being somewhere else doing something else.

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