Can a Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning in London be Worthy?

We are biased in most of our opinions. And though we often deny that we are prejudiced, to a great extent we still are. That is why we tend to believe that the more expensive a thing is, the more worthy it is, as well. and though sometimes it may seem ridiculous, we are slaves of our perspectives and we conform to what other do. The crowd is the ruler. So yeah, we are buying the most expensive bottle of water, believing that it has to be better, while in the reality it is purely the same. And following the same reasoning, we are hiring the end of tenancy cleaners that are offering us higher prices, believing that they will clean better and will bring better final results, as well. In reality, they would not. In the same reality, a cheap and efficient end of tenancy cleaning do exist. You only need to be smart enough to find it and open enough to trust the cleaners.

The Other People

When you are looking for a service, the other people are the ones that could give you the best advice indeed. When you are looking for a good hairdresser, what are you doing? You are asking you friends, right? And then you are discussing with them their choices. This is what you need to do when you are looking for a good cleaning team, as well. Ask your colleagues, neighbors, family, friends. Gather as many opinions as possible and you will be able to evaluate them and make a rational decision.

Analyze the Prices

Too many are the things that are totally overpriced these days and if you are not making a research, you will most probably end up paying a ridiculously great amount of money.


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3 easy ways clear a clogged drain


Horror! You run the water, you start to wash, and the sink starts to overflow.

Early in the morning … you just want a cup of warm coffee. And the water either does not move in the sink at all or is draining very slowly. And now?!? We start to get angry, you panic, you start browsing the web and looking for a specialist. Oh, you really should not worry at all. It is inevitable for each one of us to have a clogged drain at home. Whether it will clog the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom, we always fall into horror. Do we need to call specialists every time? Do we need every time we run to the store for another harmful preparation? No longer! We can handle ourselves with products that we have at home.

How to unclog the drain at home?
The things we need to clear the clogged drain we have it in 90% of the cases in our homes. Even if you do not have them, at the nearest store you can buy them right away.

Vinegar and baking soda

As you already know, these two products – soda and vinegar, are completely harmless to cleaning, but they are also indispensable for housekeeping. Pour one cup of soda on the clogged canal, then add half a cup of wine vinegar on top. Immediately afterward, place a flat plate on top so that the soda and vinegar can go down well into the canal. Wait for 30-40 minutes to work but do not lift or move the plate from the drain. Wait until you turn on the hot water jug. You will need about 2l. water. Once you have waited enough time, lift the plate and pour the jug with boiling water and then run the warm water for 2-3 minutes.

Dishwasher detergent and lemon juice

The reason why the dishwasher detergent does so well with the unclogging of the drain is that it has a slippery texture. This helps to remove the accumulated contamination in the pipes. Dissolve 1l dishwasher detergent in 3l hot water, add juice from 2-3 lemons and then pour the resulting solution onto the canal. Let the dishwasher detergent and lemon juice work overnight. In the morning, warm 2-3 liters of water and pour it into the canal.


Yes, it’s true! Although it sounds a little crazy Coca-Cola has a lot of interesting and strange applications in the household as well. Buy a bottle of 2l from the store and pour it onto the channel. Wait for 1-2 hours and take 2-3 liters of hot water then pour it in the channel.

Well, we have learned you how to deal with clogged drains, but if you have other problems in the household as a dirty carpet with horrible stains or burnt oven it will be better to use the services of a professional cleaning company. From end of tenancy carpet cleaning to entire house cleaning, you can choose between a large assortment of companies on the market.

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Things you should not keep on the ceiling

The ceiling is one of the rooms that are subject to the sharpest changes in temperature and humidity.

This may not be a problem for suitcases, Christmas decorations, and crates with containers you keep on any occasion, but these conditions will not spare the natural materials. Here is the list of things you do not want to keep in the ceiling:
Wooden furniture
Whether they are heirlooms or new, but not in your style, wooden furniture should not be kept in the attic. Variable humidity and high-temperature amplitudes can cause expansion and cracks in the tree and destroy furniture.
Plush toys
If your children can not afford to part with their favorite plush animals, even when they are already big, they often go directly to the ceiling. So, on the one hand, they do not interfere, but on the other, they are always available. However, keep in mind that mice, dust mites, and other creatures will destroy them if you leave them too long. To protect them better, do not put them in cartons or plastic bags, but in airtight plastic containers.
Wool, silk and all other carpets of natural materials should not be wound and hidden in the ceiling. Moths, beetles and nesting birds will attack them because they love the dark and undisturbed places.

Common mistakes in gardening


If you happen to face the same problems in the garden every year, you are probably committing one of these mistakes. See the basic rules you must follow to make your garden always look amazing:

Plant the plants densely

Planting a lot of plants in a small space is a huge mistake that leads to terrible consequences for the garden.

In the first year, you probably will not notice the problem as the plants are yet to develop and get used to the environment. Inevitably, however, after the second year, they will die because not all can fight for place and nutrients. After all, your money and effort go to the wind. Instead of wasting your resources and the plants themselves, we advise you to fill your garden gradually, taking into account the species you combine according to the care they need.

Plant close to the house

This can also be a big problem as some shrubs and trees have large roots that can deform the driveway to the entrance and even undermine the foundations of the building. In addition, this way insect insects can invade your home through their branches and leaves. The rule you must follow when planting trees and shrubs are to position them at least a meter from the house.

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Nowhere is an exception when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning


Nowhere is an exception when it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning as every company or individual moving out of the premises or property needs to leave it as clean and attractive as it should be or as it was before renting it. This is essential as it saves the property owner the work of cleaning up after the tenants, which can be a costly affair. It is only fair that when you move, you leave the place looking good enough for the next tenant to come in and feel welcomed.

Various advantages come with the use of an end of tenancy cleaning service. In most cases, it can be tedious to manage cleaning a property on your own, especially if it is a large piece of property for which you are responsible. To save time, the cleaning companies offering these kinds of services will come in to ensure that every single inch of the property is clean and attractive to the next tenant who rents the property.

Through the use of cleaning services, tenants do not have to deal with the many worries that come with cleaning the premises. With the right cleaning company doing the work, all you need to do is sit back and wait for work to be done within a reasonable period.

The tenant who is moving out is also assured that entirely the advanced cleaning techniques will be used in cleaning the premises and is guaranteed to have a clean place, giving him or her good value for the money spent on the services. This is essential since bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms have different cleaning requirements regarding products and equipment.

Hiring professional cleaners for your end-of-tenancy needs also ensures that the premises gets the thorough cleaning that it needs and saves time as a good cleaning company will have all the essential equipment and staff to handle the task within a short period. This saves time when compared to the time required if you decide to do the cleaning yourself.

The other advantage that you stand to gain when hiring professional cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning services is getting work was done that will cause no damage, which will help you to avoid problems with the owner of the property.

Moving to a new home – exciting and stressful

Moving to a new home is a real life experience – exciting and stressful. However, with some thoughtful steps, relocating to a new home can be easier and more enjoyable.

A move to a new home can drain you for a long time. Planning, packaging, transporting and cleaning are a laborious process that becomes even more stressful if you are pressed by time. And when you close the door of your new home behind you, there is another challenge – the layout. Therefore, even if it is unimportant where you can best arrange crystal utensils or kitchen utensils, consider the details in advance. The last thing you need after the hard work of moving to a new home is resolving such “fundamental” issues.

How to organize the move to a new home? First of all, pay attention to the two main activities when changing the home – packing inventory from the old and preparing to live in the new.

Moving is usually a pre-scheduled event so you can start packing as soon as the decision is made and before you even find a suitable new home. The earlier you start the process of removal, the more relaxed you will be at the end of it.

Step 1 when moving to a new home – get rid of unnecessary items

Under unnecessary things, understand everything you have never used or which has to be discarded. Here are also those items you simply no longer want at home, but for some reason, you have kept at the bottom of a cupboard. Focus your attention on a room for a certain period of time and clear it to the end.

Probably, when you move to a new home, you will find many things you simply keep in mind for years (trinkets you do not like or toys of grown-up children). If you do not want to throw them away, donate them to some home for children deprived of parental care or to another social institution. Be sure that your luggage for moving will significantly decrease.

Step 2 when moving to a new home

You would best do if you combine the clearing of the individual rooms with the surplus items with the packing of the others you plan to keep. Of course, those who do not have to use before moving to the new home (photo albums, books, old notebooks and papers, season clothes) are of course the ones you will not need. Seal tightly each carton and put it in place to make it easier for you to unpack your luggage.

Since the number of sealed boxes will increase in the next few weeks, choose a convenient place to sort from the beginning (preferably near the front door). Do not leave them scattered throughout the dwelling because it will create an extra chaos. But do not bring them to the new home, as it also needs a little preliminary preparation.


Step 3 on moving – Prepare the new home

Okay, you’ve already chosen your new home. If you are your first occupant it is easy – only some cosmetic procedures need to be done before finishing. But if people have lived there, it will probably require a major overhaul. Detailed information about moving to a new home can be found in this interesting and useful guide that I soon discovered…

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5 mistakes you make when hand washing

Put the clothes in the sink before you fill it up

The strength with which water will fall on clothes can cause stress on the fabric, and if you put the detergent directly on the clothes, you risk falling deeper into the fabric’s material and rinsing it more difficult.

Instead, fill the sink or washbasin in which you will wash with lukewarm or cold water (as indicated on the label) and fill the detergent until it is full. Stir until the water is foamed and make sure that the preparation is completely dissolved. Then add the laundry.

Rub the spots

Aggressive scrubbing can damage tissues, especially when they are more gentle. Treat the stains gently by gently rubbing the dirty stain with a liquid detergent or stain for stains with your fingertips. Thus it will penetrate the inside of the tissue. Then immerse the garment in the soapy water several times and squeeze. Most spots will disappear in about 15 minutes. If the area is heavily soaked, soak the garment for about 30 minutes and continue with the rinse.

Rinse under running water

If you keep the delicate tissues under running water in the sink, they risk to be stretched. Therefore, you should rinse them in the same way that you wash them in a water container. When you are ready to rinse, move the laundry into a basin with clean water. If the sink mixer has a spout that splashes the water, you can afford to use it at this stage of washing for lighter fabrics such as lingerie or thin blouses. If you do not have one, fill the sink with lukewarm clean water and rinse your clothes.

Squeeze the water

Twisting the clothes to squeeze the water out of them often turns into a sure recipe for damaging tissues and damaging them. A more gentle method is to squeeze the water gently without the garment being crushed.

Leave the rest of the water alone to drain. If it is a fabric that absorbs more water like a cloth, which makes the garment heavier and can deform it, stretching is not recommended. Before stretching the laundry put each garment on absorbent towels and wrap it into it to get the most out of moisture.

Suspended delicate clothes to dry in the space

Knitting, as well as other delicate fabrics, should not be hung on a rope or dryer because they are very sensitive to stretching and losing shape. Instead, place the sweaters and swimsuits in a lying position on a dry cloth and place them on the dryer to dry in the air. Once the front has dried, turn the garment back so that the back can get air.

We live in times when the washing machine has long since replaced the laundry by hand but still there are some delicate clothes that need to be washed in this way. It’s the same with home cleaning. The working woman has no time to clean her home every day, so she relies on a cleaning company such as End of tenancy cleaning London.

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Rentals in the UK

In the process of obtaining a higher education abroad, the housing issue and its costs are a very substantial part. Now we are going to take a look at accommodation rentals in the UK – a destination especially favored by many prospective students over the past few years.

The first year students in the UK are usually accommodated in a dormitory room at the university in order to be better acclimatized. In the second course, however, most of them go to free rent in the most common way – they share their apartment or house. The university, agencies and student organizations provide help in finding accommodation and even roommates. Students hire housing in the so-called “Student area” or beyond – in the private market sector. In the first case, it is a residential background for higher education institutions and intended for use by students. In the other – for the private free real estate market.

  • Where do the students hire?
  • Halls of residence
  • House share (Private homes paid to students)
  • Room in a private house
  • Private flat (Private apartment paid to students)
  • Private sector halls of residence (Private hotel buildings used by students)

The life of the island is expensive and part of it is due to rents

Anyone who wants to study in the UK and intends to live on rent must be prepared for slightly higher rentals compared to countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy. Figuratively, the figures are roughly the same, but in one case they are in euro and in the other in British pounds. The difference in the rates of the two currencies means that in London-Paris similarities, in the English city you will pay about 20-25% more.

Big cities have high rents

As everywhere, rents in the capital and cities are higher. A review of single-room bids in an apartment in London and Portsmouth, for example, shows that the capital’s room is twice as expensive – 160 to 80 pounds a week.

Example rents by cities

For the base, we take the most common rental per week for a single room with one bed in an apartment and house in different cities in the UK.

City Apartment House
London £100 – £400 £80 – £200
Birmingham £90 – £150 £40 – £100
Liverpool £60 – £100 £50 – £100
Manchester £70 – £150 £50 – £50
Oxford £50 – £150 £100 – £200
Edinburgh, Scotland £100 – £150 £50 – £150
>Cardiff, Wales £80 – £150 £80 – £100
Belfast, Northern Ireland £50 – 100 £50 – £100


What is obvious

Begin to keep track of the real estate market for students, there are a few things you will notice: firstly, as in the case of large cities, it is more expensive, secondly, the offered rooms at home are usually more than those in an apartment and almost always Cheaper, third – with £ 400 a month you can cover your rent in every city on the island, fourth – London stands out as the city with the highest rents.

The roommates

image of roommatesUsing a private home is a luxury that few can afford, and the real student life comes from sharing it with roommates.

The cultural model in offering home use has long-standing traditions in the UK and functions well. This does not mean that everything is perfect, but it means that you can get a lot of information and offers via the Internet or on the spot and get in touch with a large number of students looking for people to share rentals. The site has a special section where students from all over the world exchange information about free rooms and look for roommates.

  • Summary and advice
  • The amounts paid by students for free rent vary in different cities. The average price per week is about 70 GBP.
  • The basic rule is that the rent falls with the increase in the number of students who share the apartment or the house, but the restriction is usually up to 4 people in a home.
  • Important: Do you sign an agreement once, you have to pay the rent until the end of the term in it, even if you decide to go out earlier!
  • Current and gas bills will increase your spending by about 40 pounds in the winter months.
  • It is possible to have separate cable TV in the room and to terminate the service in the summer months in which you will eventually be absent. As a rule, each dwelling has one TV license and every other receiver has to declare.
  • You need to make insurance of your property in the dwelling. Seek help from the higher school you are studying.
  • The location of the dwelling in relation to the university may burden your budget with transport costs, or make this feather superfluous.
  • The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is the agreement signed by the student for the use of a dwelling. It is usually concluded for a period of 6 months to 3 years. For students, it is most convenient to rent the home for 9-10 months as the school year lasts, but this does not regulate landlords, and they usually insist on a minimum of 12 months in order to keep housing empty during the summer months.
  • Students of full-time education are exempt from paying a fee to the local authority, but those who study part-time (abstention) are not.


How do we clean when we leave our rented property?

It’s great to stay in a good relationship with your former landlord. Not only to be able to get your deposit when you leave the room but also to always be able to count on calling you to give you an important letter arriving at the old address or to hand over to you if someone has been looking for you. So when you leave the property it should look like a cover of a magazine – unless you have explicitly understood anything else with the owners.

Tips for cleaning your rented property

When moving, there are so many things to do that there is very little time left to clean the dwelling. Here are some basic tips that will help you in this task:

  • Buying Strong Products – Although I am a supporter of the environmental clean-up of the home, I know that eco-preparations sometimes have a slower effect than ordinary cleaning products. To save time and effort, simply load with powerful cleaning products.
  • Making a list – It’s easy to forget something important when we are overwhelmed by thousands of tasks. That’s why it’s best to make a list of all the places that need to be cleaned up.
  • Care for detail – It’s unbelievable how small things contribute to the overall impression! Do not forget to sprinkle with a room freshener and pull the curtains after the cleaning and before handing over the apartment – so the room will be bright and will smell nice. Also – never leave garbage, be it a paper napkin or empty plastic bag.

A list of things that need to be cleaned

I decided to list a few things that we must clean to make the house look good.

The Refrigerator – Empty the refrigerator and turn it off. Remove all shelves, partitions, and compartments and clean them. Wipe the refrigerator from the inside and leave it wide open and off to avoid molding until it is time to hand it over to the landlords. The same is true after cleaning the dishwasher if any.

The Oven – Even if you have cleaned the whole kitchen perfectly, if the stove is covered with stains or burned grease, everything will look dirty. Try better to rub stove and oven with a strong detergent.

The Carpets – Besides the usual cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you should take the time to clean the carpets, unless you have done it sooner. It is best to contact a professional cleaning company – it will save you a lot of time and the services are in everyone’s pockets.

The Mattress – Ventilate the mattress and clean it if necessary.

The Curtains – Dust curtains can make the room look even neat. Wash the curtains and spray them lightly with a scent before hanging them.

The Windows and mirrors – Fingerprints and droplets do not look good.

The Bathroom and the toilet – Using a strong detergent, scrub the bathroom and toilet to a shine. Pay particular attention to the shower, toilet bowl and sinks. Always make a good impression leaving a toilet roll in the bathroom as well as a new soap – it can be cheap, it is important to have.

Walls – if there are stains or scratches on the walls, keep in mind that they will be doubled when you clean up and empty the entire accommodation. Be sure to remove any traces of the walls. Scratches of colored pencils and pastels can be cleaned with a toothpaste – see how in this article. It’s also a good idea to block the holes you’ve done on the walls for pictures, pictures, or shelves.

The Empty cabinets – Never leave anything in wardrobes and cabinets. If you do not need something, throw it away, or give it away – no one likes to clean up someone else’s belongings.

Dust and spider webs – just before looking at the transfer, check once again for dust and spider webs and clean them so they do not interfere with the good look of the dwelling.
When you’re ready to clean the old quarters, leave the past behind, but keep the good memories you had there.

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The ultimate guide for bachelor flat move out cleaning

The bachelor flat is a certain very weird and uncommon kind of flat, we all know. It may be messy and unorganized, in most of the cases, and pedantically arranged, too rarely. But what we all know as well is that when the rent agreement is coming to an end and the move out is just around the corner, the bachelors, the majority of them, are panicked and shocked, not knowing what to do, where to start from, who to hire and who to trust. And if there is no mother and no girlfriend by their sides, they are lost. They feel like on an abandoned island in the middle of an ocean with no map, no ship, and no surviving skills. And here comes this guide – the most useful and needed thing indeed. So if you feel like you have no clue what end of tenancy cleaning is, why it is performed and how to turn your Bachelor home into a normal one again, you are at the right place – SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning will give you the right tips and directions.

What is it and where to start from?

The main goal of every end of tenancy cleaning is a returning of the accommodation in its initial condition. Thus after you leave the landlord or the letting agency will find new tenants more easily without having to spend too much time cleaning and preparing the house. This kind of requirement is logical, because the way some people don’t maintain their homes may lead to some places turned into battlefields. So the security deposit, which you gave when you first moved in, is returned to you after an inspection after that move out cleaning, if it is done successfully, of course. The first thing you have to do, however, has nothing to do with cleaning. You have to pack all your stuff, leaving all the cupboards, shelves, wardrobes and even appliances empty. If you have too many belongings it is a nice idea to gather some friends and rely on their help.

The professional cleaning service

The best news for every bachelor is that these days everything else could be done super facilely. What you need to do is make a little research and find the best London’s end of tenancy cleaning company. Then you have to arrange an appointment for a day you can give them the keys from your home. And then an experienced team full of skilled and expert people will arrive at your door and the cleaners with patience and assiduity will take care of every single place of your house. They use efficient and strong detergents and professional cleaning products thus assuring wonderful results. At the end when you come back home, you will be impressed by what they have performed, which most of the customers say that is not a simple cleaning. Hire a transportation company thereafter as well, which will get your stuff to the new place and you can keep on living your amazing Bachelor life just thereafter.

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