Common mistakes in gardening


If you happen to face the same problems in the garden every year, you are probably committing one of these mistakes. See the basic rules you must follow to make your garden always look amazing:

Plant the plants densely

Planting a lot of plants in a small space is a huge mistake that leads to terrible consequences for the garden.

In the first year, you probably will not notice the problem as the plants are yet to develop and get used to the environment. Inevitably, however, after the second year, they will die because not all can fight for place and nutrients. After all, your money and effort go to the wind. Instead of wasting your resources and the plants themselves, we advise you to fill your garden gradually, taking into account the species you combine according to the care they need.

Plant close to the house

This can also be a big problem as some shrubs and trees have large roots that can deform the driveway to the entrance and even undermine the foundations of the building. In addition, this way insect insects can invade your home through their branches and leaves. The rule you must follow when planting trees and shrubs are to position them at least a meter from the house.

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