Things you should not keep on the ceiling

The ceiling is one of the rooms that are subject to the sharpest changes in temperature and humidity.

This may not be a problem for suitcases, Christmas decorations, and crates with containers you keep on any occasion, but these conditions will not spare the natural materials. Here is the list of things you do not want to keep in the ceiling:
Wooden furniture
Whether they are heirlooms or new, but not in your style, wooden furniture should not be kept in the attic. Variable humidity and high-temperature amplitudes can cause expansion and cracks in the tree and destroy furniture.
Plush toys
If your children can not afford to part with their favorite plush animals, even when they are already big, they often go directly to the ceiling. So, on the one hand, they do not interfere, but on the other, they are always available. However, keep in mind that mice, dust mites, and other creatures will destroy them if you leave them too long. To protect them better, do not put them in cartons or plastic bags, but in airtight plastic containers.
Wool, silk and all other carpets of natural materials should not be wound and hidden in the ceiling. Moths, beetles and nesting birds will attack them because they love the dark and undisturbed places.


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