3 easy ways clear a clogged drain


Horror! You run the water, you start to wash, and the sink starts to overflow.

Early in the morning … you just want a cup of warm coffee. And the water either does not move in the sink at all or is draining very slowly. And now?!? We start to get angry, you panic, you start browsing the web and looking for a specialist. Oh, you really should not worry at all. It is inevitable for each one of us to have a clogged drain at home. Whether it will clog the sink in the kitchen or in the bathroom, we always fall into horror. Do we need to call specialists every time? Do we need every time we run to the store for another harmful preparation? No longer! We can handle ourselves with products that we have at home.

How to unclog the drain at home?
The things we need to clear the clogged drain we have it in 90% of the cases in our homes. Even if you do not have them, at the nearest store you can buy them right away.

Vinegar and baking soda

As you already know, these two products – soda and vinegar, are completely harmless to cleaning, but they are also indispensable for housekeeping. Pour one cup of soda on the clogged canal, then add half a cup of wine vinegar on top. Immediately afterward, place a flat plate on top so that the soda and vinegar can go down well into the canal. Wait for 30-40 minutes to work but do not lift or move the plate from the drain. Wait until you turn on the hot water jug. You will need about 2l. water. Once you have waited enough time, lift the plate and pour the jug with boiling water and then run the warm water for 2-3 minutes.

Dishwasher detergent and lemon juice

The reason why the dishwasher detergent does so well with the unclogging of the drain is that it has a slippery texture. This helps to remove the accumulated contamination in the pipes. Dissolve 1l dishwasher detergent in 3l hot water, add juice from 2-3 lemons and then pour the resulting solution onto the canal. Let the dishwasher detergent and lemon juice work overnight. In the morning, warm 2-3 liters of water and pour it into the canal.


Yes, it’s true! Although it sounds a little crazy Coca-Cola has a lot of interesting and strange applications in the household as well. Buy a bottle of 2l from the store and pour it onto the channel. Wait for 1-2 hours and take 2-3 liters of hot water then pour it in the channel.

Well, we have learned you how to deal with clogged drains, but if you have other problems in the household as a dirty carpet with horrible stains or burnt oven it will be better to use the services of a professional cleaning company. From end of tenancy carpet cleaning to entire house cleaning, you can choose between a large assortment of companies on the market.

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Things you should not keep on the ceiling

The ceiling is one of the rooms that are subject to the sharpest changes in temperature and humidity.

This may not be a problem for suitcases, Christmas decorations, and crates with containers you keep on any occasion, but these conditions will not spare the natural materials. Here is the list of things you do not want to keep in the ceiling:
Wooden furniture
Whether they are heirlooms or new, but not in your style, wooden furniture should not be kept in the attic. Variable humidity and high-temperature amplitudes can cause expansion and cracks in the tree and destroy furniture.
Plush toys
If your children can not afford to part with their favorite plush animals, even when they are already big, they often go directly to the ceiling. So, on the one hand, they do not interfere, but on the other, they are always available. However, keep in mind that mice, dust mites, and other creatures will destroy them if you leave them too long. To protect them better, do not put them in cartons or plastic bags, but in airtight plastic containers.
Wool, silk and all other carpets of natural materials should not be wound and hidden in the ceiling. Moths, beetles and nesting birds will attack them because they love the dark and undisturbed places.

Best London Professionals’ End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

and how it differs from your weekly cleaning routine

The city is full of advertisements of cleaning companies and cleaning specialists. Your friends are using the services those professional cleaners offer and they are pretty satisfied. Your colleagues are talking you about the incredible work of a small cleaning team that transformed their houses in hours. But still, you may be skeptical.

What are those people doing that you aren’t? Do they have a secret? Do they use different detergents or different techniques? And isn’t every cleaning just a matter of time?

If you are still asking those questions, I would have to tell you that you are a little bit late for the show. Yeah, the professional experts are just cleaning and there is nothing magical in their powers except for the fact that they are doing it better, much, much better. In other words, if you need long weekend for cleaning the living room and the kitchen at your place, because you need to buy detergents and cleaning tools and do all the work, then a team of experienced and well-trained professionals will manage to clean the same two rooms in exactly two hours. And trust me – they will look amazing! But what about the end of tenancy carpet cleaning and how exactly are they nailing this one? Keep on reading and you will know all about it!

They Vacuum

Yeah, this sounds super simple and yeah, I know that you can vacuum your carpet pretty well, but this particular step is essential for the good carpet cleaning and especially for the end of tenancy one which needs to be superb. So by vacuuming they will remove all the dust, grime, and hair and will be able to go on.

They Analyze

Now they can really see the condition of your carpet, so they make a proper and strategically well-developed plan. They now see whether there are many stains and spots or whether the overall condition of the carpet is fairly good. This step is more than important because they have only an hour or two for the entire end of tenancy carpet cleaning, which means that the sole lack of a good plan can fail them. And the professionals are never about failing.

Clean with Technique, Knowledge, and Professionalism

So far you must still believe that the professional cleaners are no that better than you. And you may have some right. The truth is, however, that the previous steps were the preparation and only after it comes to the real work. Now they can shine and they can make your house shine and especially your carpet. They are removing all the spots with the specialized strong, environmental-friendly, and super efficient detergents. And then they are using the special electronic machinery to clean deeply the entire carpeted floor. So they are refreshing the carpet as a whole and making it look like a brand new. So next time just choose the professionals and their service

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